24 Hour Live-in Care Services
throughout the UK

Companionship and Support
Our clients are taken on shopping trips & days out we also get them involved in the community events & activities.
Keeping Family Members Informed and Included
We communicate regularly with family members, providing regular logs & sharing videos/photos to create special memories.
Personal Care Assistance
Our carers are all trained to provide assistance with washing, dressing, toilet assistance & contiennce management.
Mobility Support
Our carers do their utmost to maximise our clients mobility and movement.
Meal Preparation & Cooking
Our carers ensure that our clients are eating meals that our clients love and give them the nutrition they need.
Medication Administration & Diary Planning
We ensure that all medications required are taken on time, as well as making sure all appointments are attended.

Benefits of Live-in Care

When you choose Added Care, you or your loved one will be looked after by an experienced professional carer, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Choosing live-in is an excellent alternative and advantage to residential care homes, including:

  • Remaining in Control of Your Life – Understanding the importance of independence, we will help you preserve your usual routines in a familiar setting.
  • Real Friendship – Paying close attention to all your needs, we will find you a carer who is not only qualified and experienced but will bring a sparkle of life to every moment.
  • Tailored Care Planning – Starting with an initial consultation, we will always make sure that our care services are tailored to your unique needs.